Matt Moore was elected Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party on June 8, 2013 and re-elected to a second term on May 2, 2015. During his time as Chairman, he has focused on growing the State Party’s “Victory 365” full-time ground game operation, protecting South Carolina’s “First in the South” primary, and recruiting more young activists to the Republican Party.

Matt has continually worked to build a strong, diverse South Carolina Republican Party through conservative principles and the faith that guides his own life. He is a strong advocate for economic freedom and has worked to expand opportunity for innovative companies and entrepreneurs.

Since his election in 2013, Matt has established himself as a state and national leader on issues including racial reconciliation, good government, global engagement, and criminal justice reform. Matt is also a passionate outdoorsman and conservationist who during his time as Chairman has worked to protect some of South Carolina’s most vulnerable waterways.

Born in the rural South, Matt learned through his parents’ example that anything is possible for those who have faith and a strong work ethic. While studying engineering on Georgia Tech’s highest academic scholarship, Matt started his journey of championing conservative causes through internships and later working in Washington, D.C. His path soon led to South Carolina, where he continued to fight for common-sense policy reforms and support some of our state’s most promising conservative voices, including then-County Councilman Tim Scott, then-State Rep. Jeff Duncan, and many other current members of the S.C. State House and Senate.

Matt previously served as State Director for U.S. Senator Tim Scott and served as the South Carolina Republican Party’s Executive Director in 2011 and 2012, managing over $3 million in political expenditures as Governor Mitt Romney soundly defeated President Barack Obama in South Carolina.

In 2013 and 2014, Matt led the South Carolina Republican Party through its most successful election cycle in history. A record eleven Republicans were elected to statewide office (including all nine Constitutional officers and two U.S. Senators). The state party also won each of its targeted State House and local races. Notably, the state party made over 3 million online voter contacts in support of Republican candidates and issues.

Matt has served four winning gubernatorial campaigns and advised hundreds of winning Republican campaigns. From June 2013 until April 2015, he was the youngest state chairman in America’s two major political parties. Matt serves on the Republican National Committee’s Youth Advisory Board and during his time as Chairman, the state party has chartered over ten new Teenage Republican and College Republican chapters.

Matt and his wife, Meg, are members of Shandon Baptist Church in Columbia. He holds a bachelor of science in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech and a master of arts in Economics from the University of South Carolina.

Matt’s 2014 Master’s thesis, titled “The Economic Impact of South Carolina’s 2012 Republican Presidential Primary,” garnered statewide and national attention for its groundbreaking research.

In fall 2015, Matt was an adjunct professor of political science at the University of South Carolina, where his class focused on technology and the long-term challenges facing both political parties.

Awards and Honors

2018 Liberty Fellow
2016 Electoral College
2016 Republican National Convention Delegate
2016 Republican National Convention Rules Committee
2016 Republican National Convention Deputy Permanent Co-Chair
2016 Republican National Convention S.C. Delegation Co-Chair
2016 “50 Most Influential” leaders in Columbia, S.C. (Free-Times)
2016 USGLC State Global Citizen Award

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