Join the Elephant Club!

For over 50 years the Elephant Club has been the base of our party’s financial support to get the job done. Members are entitled to exclusive perks and event discounts.  Choose the level that’s right for you!

  • $10 per month or $120 per year
  • Email updates
  • SCGOP “pocket” Platform
  • Exclusive club member decal for your car
  • Automatic monthly donations via credit/debit card

Sign Up For Bronze Elephant

  • $20 per month or $240 per year
  • All Bronze level benefits
  • One Silver Elephant Gala ticket
  • Convention and other SCGOP event discounts
  • Inclussion in list of supporters in the Silver Elephant program

Sign Up For Silver Elephant

  • $40 per month or $480 per year
  • All Silver level benefits
  • Two Silver Elephant Gala and VIP reception tickets
  • One pre-State Convention reception ticket
  • Quarterly conference calls with State Chairman & special guests
  • Regular exclusive insider political updates

Sign Up For Gold Elephant

  • $80 per month or $960 per year
  • All Gold level benefits
  • Two Silver Elephant Gala VIP reception tickets
  • Two pre-State Convention reception tickets
  • One SCGOP Legislative reception ticket
  • Annual report to Club members

Sign Up For The Chairman’s Circle

Why is the Elephant Club Important?

You’ve heard that “Elections matter!”, and it’s absolutely true. If you don’t win, you can’t govern. But if elections matter, then that also means that campaigns matter – and the South Carolina Republican Party matters! It matters that we have the tools, personnel and resources that we need to help our candidates run great campaigns and win elections.

How are Club Dues Spent?

All Silver Elephant Club dues stay right here in South Carolina to help build our party and elect Republicans at the local, state and federal levels. Your support helps us provide the necessary tools to get our message out, register new Republican voters, identify volunteers and make sure that our supporters get to the polls on Election Day!